High noise floor at 50MHz

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      I have been using my RSPDuo to scan amateur frequencies, 2m/70cm all was well until today when i bought a triband antenna so i could add some 6 metre repeaters to the scan list. However on 50MHz the noise floor is S8 on the meter. The antenna is tuned well on all three bands but i cannot use 50MHz because of the high noise floor stopping the scanning all the time.
      I connected the same antenna to an Icom 7100 and the noise floor is S1-3 so it’s not an antenna problem. Any ideas as to why it’s so high on the SDR, could it be the computer causing this.

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        Could be. My wife’s laptop causes noise from about 40 to 75 MHz whenever it’s on. The one that’s actually running the SDR is quiet though…

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