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      Has anybody rolled to GR3.8 and ported gr-sdrplay yet?

      Paul White

        Oh, didn’t notice 3.8.
        Hope QT5 works better than QT4.
        Bugs meant I had to stay with WX.
        Now they’ve dumped WX, I’d *need* QT!
        At least sdrplay plays nicely with 3.7 (so far).
        Pity no-one bothers with documentation.
        I find learning exhausting & frustrating.


          I have a gnu radio v3.8.1 installation and would like add sdrplay blocks , is there any update on this subject ?

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            I have a RSP1A with a Raspberry Pi4 and I want to try out some software that requires GNU Radio 3.8.
            SDR software is starting to move to the newer platforms and I don’t want to be left behind.
            I have spent name hours trying to get it working, but things are pointing to the latest SDRplay API not being compatible with the software to interface with the SDR software that I have tried.
            I can see the RSP1a in GNU Radio Companion
            SoapySDR does not recognize the RSP1A in my GNU Radio 3.8 installation.
            I found a twitter post where someone had done it, but they haven’t responded to me yet.

            I am hoping that SDRplay will make an updated Raspberry Pi image with this on it.


              I have now built a system on a Raspberry Pi with GNU Radio 3.8, SoapySDR, SoapySDRPlay and gr-osmosdr.
              There are instructions for installing a wide variety of applications.
              Lacking a recent SDRplay rpi image, this get you where you need to be.

              Go to and let me know if it works for you.
              Building this system manually will take a lot of time, but is very rewarding.


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