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      I have noticed that when using my RSP2Pro connected thru a PTRX7300 to my Icom 7300 the band preselection of the Icom definately increases the performance of the RSP itself in band and I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to interface SDRUno thru a USB based device like an arduino that could be programmed to select either antennas and or external input filters based on predetermined frequency ranges so that I could get the same performance benefits when using my RSPDx on it own separate from my Icom.

      I wonder if anyone has explored the feasibility of this sort of idea?

      I think one potential solution could be an Arduino or Pi based device programmed to emulate ICOM or other C-IV Cat protocol which would connect to Omnirig thru USB as if it was an actual rig and could be custom pre configured to select single or multiple outputs based on the current frequency information it receives from SDRUno. This would allow filters and antennas to be selected in any combination required by your setup. I’d like to be able to select from 10-12 input filters and maybe 6-8 antennas. There are devices available that could potentially do the physical switching so it’s the interface to SDRUno that would tie it together.

      Sadly my programming skills only extend to blinking an LED or displaying HELLO World on an LCD and a project like this is way beyond my pay grade.

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