Error when starting GQRX with RSP1 over SoapySDR

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      I have a Debian 11 Linux server where the SDRPlay API (3.07) has been deployed,and running, and where SoapySDRServer has been deployed with the SDRPlay plugin.
      When I start GQRX remotely (with the parameters driver=remote,remote=tcp://,remote:driver=sdrplay,serial=B0001P0002,soapy=1) I actually see the remotely connected RSP1.
      However, when I click the start button in GQRX, I’m seeing the following error :

      [ERROR] error in activateStream() – Init() failed: sdrplay_api_Fail (this is on the client side, where GQRX runs), and

      sdrplay_apiService: SelectDevice: ERROR: InitialiseMappingTableFromFile error -4: invalid hw version 1 (This is on the server side)

      Subsequently, nothing happens, and the sdrplay API, or SoapySDRServer, or both seem to hang.

      Does anyone know what is wrong here ?


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