Decoding RTTY

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      Hi everyone,
      I’m using an RSPdx for decoding RTTY using MultiPSK
      There is a DDK2 RTTY station on 7.664 Mhz – USB – 50 baud – 450Hz shift which if I use my ICOM IC7300 to receive, decodes 100%

      If I leave MultiPSK settings and use the RSPdx to receive – nothing, just garbled

      Why does the same RTTY signal decode with the ICOM and not with RSPdx?

      I’m feeding the audio via STEREO MIX from the RSP and via USA AUDIO from the ICOM


        Hi Peter,

        i’m using a RSPduo.
        I decode RTTY and WeFax with MultiPSK and JVComm.
        The decoders are fed through VR-Cable Driver and running perfect.
        It is important to set SDRUno correctly. USB and NO filters or noice reduction!
        How do you feed the Signal to MultiPSK? Is the Output Device properly set in SDRUno?
        Have you tried the “normal / inverted” settings in MultiPSK? I have to set “reverse”

        In the Picture RTTY Program 2 at 11Mhz as the lower Bands are still closed here.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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