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      Thank you for releasing the opportunity to listen to DAB and DAB+ radio with the c2, v.1.4 .
      Here in Norway DAB+ and some few DAB stations is the only alternative for listening to live local radio broadcasting. FM Broadcast is no more.
      I have an SDRPlay RSP1A that I am running SDRuno with great success on earlier SDRuno versions. I am now testing the v.1.4 c2 and the DAB and DAB+ functions.

      Testing laptop: Lenovo X270 (i5-4300 @2,49 8GB RAM).

      My experience is that all DAB+ stations after 20-30sec. will start clipping and stuttering in the sound. I see that the Final Signal Ratio (SR) is a fixed setting when streaming DAB and DAB+.
      When testing i have SNR: avg. 26-28 dB stable. I have as well installed and tested SDR v1.4 c2 on a highspec gamingrig to exlude PC hardware issue. SAme results there, so I wonder if this is software or codec related, or if this is related to how my settings is in the SDRuno software(user adjustable)?

      DAB (not DAB+) radio goes flawlesy without no stuttering or clipping in the sound.

      Find my PrtSc from SDruno to see settings etc.

      Anyone else experiencing the same?
      Played around with alternatives for a while, still no success to get the DAB+ come in flawlesly without clipping and stuttering in the sound.

      Br / 73 de


        Hi Alex. Yes, I get the same effect. OK on DAB, but after listening to DAB+ for about one minute or so the sound stutters and seems to switch in and out of stereo to mono (or a similar effect). Changing to a different DAB+ station clears the problem but it returns a minute later. I don’t thing the Play guys monitor this forum very much so it may be worth reporting this as a bug.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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