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      I need to make connecting the SDRplay RSP1A to an 18 gauge wire antenna as simple as possible for my Scouts, ages 11-17, who have little to no experience with electronics. The videos and instructions I’ve seen say strip some 18 gauge wire and insert 1-2 strands into the back of the SDRplay RSP1A. The instructions also say to ground the device by wrapping another wire around the antenna jack and running that to a grounded metal object. So far, both have proved disastrous as the boys are not very gentle, the wire strands get bent and broken and pulled out/off.

      So, I’d like to purchase either a solder or solder-free connector that does one or both. Any suggestions? I find plenty of connectors for 50 ohm cable, but none for 18 gauge wire.


        The RSP-1a uses a single SMA connector, and it isn’t really suitable for just poking a wire into. It’ll keep falling out and knowing how eager and clumsy young boys are there may even be damage.
        Also, multi-strand wire is asking for trouble when ‘poking’.
        You’d be much better with an SMA (male) to open-end adaptor. This is an SMA plug, ready fitted with a length of thin coax which has wire ends to which you can connect your 18-gauge wire and an earth connection.
        Or you can get single-piece adaptors that are SMA (male) at one end and BNC (female) at the other. These are much easier to poke wires into if you must.
        I suppose a compromise would be to get some solid, single-core wire and connect a short length of it to the 18-gauge wire, just a few inches so you can poke it into the RSP1-a without stray strands going everywhere.

        Open ended lead:

        Steve Andrew

          You could try a BNC to connector block adapter, and a BNC to SMA adapter. I get these from a local outlet but I’m sure they will be around on Ebay. If the connector block seems a bit flimsy for repeated handling, use a couple of short lengths of single gauge wire to connected the BNC’s block to a larger and more robust connector block.


            All great suggestions. Thank you.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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