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      Hi everyone.
      Firstly, bear with me a bit here. I’m not a windows user so I’m having to learn windows in order to use SDRUno.
      I have a RSP Duo and one way I use it is to have a master as a panadapter for my FTdx3000 and a slave instance as a 2nd receiver.
      My rig is connected to my main linux system for digital modes. What would be useful would be to have cat control from SDRUno via the linux box (rigctld or flrig).
      So my question is SDRUno capable of connecting to the rigctld (or flrig) port ?
      I’m sure there must be a way to get this to work.


        Hello jonluk,

        I could not find any information on this anywhere. At least, that worked.

        I have a RSP2 and wanted a vhf/uhf Doppler controlled radio. I use Gpredict, Hamlib with rig and rot control with my transceiver With no problems on Win10 and Linux Mint.

        Last week, I was successful in getting rigctrl to work with VSPE, HAMLIB RIGCTRL, Gpredict on Win10. I need to do more testing, but the setup was stable for Doppler control for satellite work.

        VSPE 64bit was the key. Using their “connection” Emulation, I set it to an unused COM port.
        SdrPlay uses a TS 440 OR 480 RIG TO CONNECT.
        SO the .bat file for Hamlib = use the Kenwood TS440 or 480, and assign the COM port you use in the VSPE emulation.

        Start VSPE
        Run the .BAT file for Hamlib
        Start SdrUno and Select SETT, and connect the CAT tab to the COM port in the .BAT file(same as in VSPE)
        Adjust your settings for your use.

        Let me know how you do?

        Ed WA6WGS

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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