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      New user here,
      I have an RSP1A connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 with the SDRplay image.
      I started the sdr_tcp server and when I connect to it with GQRX on my Mac or SDR# on a Windows laptop
      It does connect, but seems rather deaf for any signal on any frequency.
      I succesfully used the Pi with an RTL-SDR receiver and rtl_tcp so I am familiar with the settings of the software.
      To be able to use all features of the RSP1A i would like to use SDRUno in combination with sdr_tcp
      but really can’t find a way to get this done.
      I would very much appreciate any help to get it done.
      Thanks in advance.


        On Windows the HDSDR program works as one might expect. The SDRUNO program works if your use the EXTIO version that SDRPLAY supplies in the latest verion install, but it is an old version that lacks many of the features I want.

        This is very frustrating to be sure.

        Be safe and be well,


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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