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      I have just acquired an RSP1X device. Have just tested it with my x86_64 Win10 installation and it works a treat. However, my win10 system isn’t very portable and I’d like to take my RSP1X with me out on the road. So I turn to my M1 MacBook which is a model fitted with the new arm64 CPU which Apple are moving towards. First I try my copy of arm64 Win10 installation which I run on Parallels. SDRUno runs on this, but the driver won’t install. I am guessing the RSP driver is an x86_64 kernel mode device and doesn’t want to talk to an arm64 kernel. As a result device manager shows a ? next to the device. Scratch that idea.

      Next we turn to building the SoapSDRPlay framework and API so I can run GQRX/CubicSDR or whatever on my Mac. I can compile SoapySDR but we are missing the drivers for the RSP device. The these seem to be delivered as binaries in all cases and no source is provided. So I can’t complete the installation. Does anyone know if the driver binaries are available as source or if anyone has created an arm64 for Mac driver which will work. So far abject failure on all accounts! I am guessing as Apple phase out their Intel offerings this is going to become more and more of a problems for Mac users.


        I have SdrGlut running in native M1 mode on the new M1 MacBook pro. I supports the hackRF, lime, and rtl devices. I looked for the SDRplay drivers, but as you said they are not available in source form. If the drives were written in C, it would be a simple recompile. Perhaps, they are written in ASM – then it would be a lot more work – people do not realize that compliers stink – ASM is often times five times faster.


          That’s very interesting. I shall have a look into these as I am not 100% familiar with them. In terms of drivers for the RSP1A I think I shall write to the developers and see what is on offer. This is going to become more of an issue as Apple transition from Intel based CPUs. If I get any good news I will share it with the group. Thanks very much for answering the enquiry.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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