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      Hi, I have recently purchased an RSP1A SDR device with SDRuno software. i am using a 40 meter insulated long wire antenna from a first floor bedroom window. The wire runs for approx 2m along the front of my house, then turns 90 degrees, touching the house corner wall, then proceeds in free space to my back garden. In the garden, the wire turns a further 90 degrees and is attached to a 0.5m wooden trellis on top of a 1m brick garden wall. The wire runs approx 16m along the trellis. In the bedroom, an earth wire from the mains (power) socket is attached to the RSP1A SMA outer. The LW, MW, VHF, DAB signals are all OK, but the Ham HF bands are not good. I can see signals, but cannot make out any conversations. I have a few questions.

      1) Is the 40m wire too long for HF band?
      2) Is it a problem if the INSULATED copper wire touches the wall of my house?
      3) Should I use a short (4m) length of RG364 coax to move the start of the open wire beyond the house corner wall?
      4) Is my mains earth connection good enough? There is not much more I can do from an upstairs bedroom window!

      I look forward to your advice and suggestions.


        Sorry. Got the coax wrong. I meant RG316 coax!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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