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      Hello Everyone,
      My name is Eddie. I have made a few plugins for other SDR software over the past while. I have decided to make some of my plugin ideas in SDRuno using the great new plugin API provided by SDRplay.

      I am just now putting the finishing touches on my Contour Shuttle Plugin for SDRuno that allows native control of SDRuno. It provides support for the Contour Shuttle Express, Shuttle Pro and Shuttle Pro V2.

      The plugin is already working great with SDRuno RC 1.4 and it can control most of the functions provided by the API. I must say using a shuttle device to control the SDRuno application is very fun indeed.

      I just wanted to offer my assistance where I can if anyone else has the need for help. Such as setting up your build environment, x-copying to your plugin directory post build, linking libraries, debugging problems, or help with the nana control library. If we all pool our experiences as we go perhaps we can enhance the knowledge base quicker through co-operation and sharing our tips and tricks or experiences.

      I thank Andy, John, Mike, and the other great guys at SDRplay who have really done a great job with this API and making it extremely easy to use. I look forward to developing with you all.

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