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    Mike H

      Having got fed up with my RSP2 lying around on the desk or perched on top of a paper shredder(!), I decided to design and use my 3D printer to make a frame/box that could attach the RSP2 to the wall and out of the way. This would be close to where the RF ground enters the house and as far away from electrical noise as is practicable. The frame would also allow full access to the RSP’s connectors.

      The attached photos show the result. The frame allows the RSP to slide in from either side and be mounted to the wall using the four countersunk holes. In addition, I designed a ’side-box’ that can attach to either side of the main frame using two 3mm hex grub screws – the holes in the 3D print are even threaded for M3! The side-box is for mounting external circuitry/connectors and is intentionally un-drilled for maximum user flexibility. I mounted three 4mm banana plugs in mine for 2x ground connections (I can measure the resistance between these to check the ground integrity) and also an RF ground (radials). I can experiment by selectively connecting these to the RSP2. However small baluns or capacitors can also be mounted in the side-box

      If anyone would like the 3D printer files for this design (free of charge), I can easily provide the following formats – 3MF, G-code, STL (ASCII or binary), Ultimaker format package (.ufp) or a Wavefront object file (.obj).

      Unfortunately, the files are too large to upload here.

      Mike H – mike@harwood.org.uk



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