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    I am trying to choose between the RSP1A and the RSPDx. I don’t really want to listen to much below 20Mhz. I will do some sleuthing but really want to use it like a VHF/UHF scanner and may end up making it portable so I can monitor from my car. So I have a few questions:

    Is there any sonic quality difference between the 2 models if I am monitoring from 20Khz – 2Ghz?

    Is there a more elegant way using SDRUno to monitor P25 1 and 2 other than using DSDPlus?

    The scanning function is more like the search function where you enter a frequency range and search the frequencies between the low and high limits. Can you set up memory banks and scan them more like a traditional scanner?

    Looks like a promising product, thanks for the hard work!
    Rob M.