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    Thankyou Andy for your help. Unfortunately for me, I cant see/hear much on various bands. I can hear local FM Radio broadcast, AM radio and see plane tracking dump1090 but thats as far as I go.

    For ex.
    a. APRS: I try to follow steps per but I see no activity. Please see the screenshot. Not sure if this is my Antenna (Tram 1411 Broad Band Discone) that is inside or I am trying a wrong frequency, or mode. I live in Austin. TX
    b) ACARS: I try to follow steps per but again I see no signal. I try other alternative frequency (129.125, 130.025) Again I only see/hear noise. I have attached the screenshot
    3) I try to punch in various frequency per for local stations. Again nothing useful. Try all modes AM/FM/LSB/USB etc
    d) While I scan various frequencies, I see signals but not sure how to decode those or band to try. Its a large file and I will try to attach next.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong- do I need to do some calibration etc (its a new unit), try outdoors or just my lack of information

    At this point I am pretty much stuck
    Appreciate if you or others can share some insight

    Thanks again