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    I have this running here in Scarborough Maine and am able to monitor the Portland P25 system using just the SDRPlay 1A. I am running the latest version of the DSDPlus from 12/21/2019. It has been a while since I went through and figured setting this up but if it is of any help, below are my two batch files I launch to listen and my FMPP.cfg file which I just tested and is working. I didnt get it all worked out and configured to display the actual talk codes and such, I was just trying to see if I could get it running and actually listen to transmissions. On my system, I am using a Virtual Audio Cable in this mix and have its’ recording properties play out through the speakers. I dont know/recall which (if any) of the config options below ties into the VBCable setup. Maybe it will provide some ideas. I do recall an ‘aha’ moment configuring it which and I think it might have been making sure the -o and -i options in the files pointed to the same port #. Obviously the -f option will need to be set to your control channel for the system you are monitoring.

    My ‘FMPP.bat’ file – 1 line, the -f is the primary control channel for the Portland system:
    FMPP -rc -i1 -b12.5 -o20001 -f853.7875

    My ‘DSDPlus.bat’ file – 1 line
    DSDPlus -rc -r1 -fa -e -T -E -Pwav -i20001 >>1Ra-log.txt

    My ‘fmpp.cfg’ file:
    {SDRPLay 1A Serial #} ; SDRPlay serial number list
    3 ; sampling rate (3 Msps)
    1024 ; spectrum window width
    32 ; FFT size (16k, 32k, 64k)
    10 ; spectrum update rate in Hz
    5000 -6250 7500 12500 15000 25000 100000 ; step size table; units = Hz; negate default
    . ; DSD+ path
    .\FreqList.csv ; primary frequency list CSV path\filename
    .\FreqList2.csv ; auxiliary frequency list CSV path\filename
    miles and bearing ; miles or kilometers
    99.9 ; search distance
    19.7163 -155.6241 ; search origin

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