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    So, without any replies I’ve tested the setup myself. The result is that SDRuno 1.32 is it appears, set for a native display resolution of 1920 x 1080. This ‘default’ fills a flatscreen HD monitor (check under Windows 7, right click on the desktop and clip Screen Resolution to confirm). This mode the screen provides fully filled easily readable clear text for each operating option window.

    Installing SDRuno on my Win 10 SurfacePro3 however which is in turn connected to an external supply/network display port unit to a 4K screen for true 4096 x 2160 setup (that works fine running other “4k” capable native displaying programs, the result is basically a shrunk, scaled effect. SDRuno displays partially with very small text. Routines as MAIN SP, AUX SP & MEM PANEL can be resized but the text remains very small.

    Of course i could dabble with scaling options to furnish a better look but then that affects other programs & the way they work… In short as far as i can understand the best user experience for SDRuno is a 1920 x 1080 display environment ie monitor for now which in all honesty absolutely 100% fine. Forget 4K for now….