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    Rick, thank you for this clarification and my humble apologies. Having come to this forum directly from the link on the menu on the SDRplay website, I had assumed that this was still being administered by SDRplay and they THEY had made this change for some reason.

    In hindsight, there is a reference on their old page to the “new independent SDRplay forum” and  on this site in the navigation there is a reference to the “SDRPlay Independent Community Forum” which if I had been more observant earlier would have furnished an obvious enough clue! Having just had another look on the old forum for any indication of the reason for them closing it, I found reading the “Reasons for suspension of the official SDRplay Community Forum” in the “SDRplay news” sub-forum, truly depressing.

    In the circumstances, thank you for your work in creating this forum as an alternative to the one that has closed by SDRplay. I hope that in time the membership will build up and you will not have some of the hassles that were evidently experienced on the old forum. Since you have already worked with WordPress and are clearly familiar with this product, it is understandable that you make use of it. Before I was made redundant I was in an IT security focussed role and alerts regarding WordPress vulnerabilities arrived with alarming frequency and other than Adobe Flash, were probably the most frequent of any software package. WordPress earned a certain negative reputation in that respect. Of course, such frequency of alerts could mean that they were very on the ball and active in fixing security problems, but the general consensus seemed to be that they were very poor in that area.

    One of the things that I noticed is that WordPress does not seem to preserve the content of a draft post in the editor box when you accidentally or otherwise navigate away from the page and then back again which can be a bit of a nuisance. I had to type almost this whole post again after accidentally clicking a link on the page. Now that I know that, I will use an offline editor to compose, but I wonder whether there is a setting that can prevent that from happening?


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