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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Under Windows 8.1, I only have a Documents folder, which it appears that 8.1 treats as a MyDocuments. I am using a new computer, but the hard drive is the same one and still boots on 8.1. Previously the program worked just using the Documents folder.</p>

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    <div id=”yMail_cursorElementTracker_1572392295186″ style=”overflow-wrap: break-word;”>So still not working. 😞</div>
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    <div id=”yMail_cursorElementTracker_1572392182670″ style=”overflow-wrap: break-word;”>Thank you so much for the very prompt reply.</div>
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    <div id=”yMail_cursorElementTracker_1572392278697″ style=”overflow-wrap: break-word;”>Regards,</div>
    <div id=”yMail_cursorElementTracker_1572392281996″ style=”overflow-wrap: break-word;”>George

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