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    Hi Mike,

    Do you mean that when you zoom your MAIN SP or AUX SP window in all the way you’re seeing a big offset between the center of the power peak and the tuned frequency?

    I hadn’t tried zooming the MAIN SP window all the way in before, and when I do that even though SAM mode shows me almost perfectly tuned, I am seeing the power peak somewhat to the right of the red line. Probably only a couple of Hz, though. The signal in the AUX SP window, zoomed in, however, is dead on center.

    At typical zoom levels (i.e., all the way out) I’m seeing maybe a single pixel of misalignment in the other direction. Pixel perfection across multiple systems with different GPUs is actually more difficult than you might think.

    FWIW, I’m using LIF, not ZIF.

    Screen grab image attached. EDIT: It wouldn’t take my first screen grab; trying to overcompress it to get under the 512 KB size limit…