Reply To: Unable to get DSD+ Fastlane to recognize my RSPdx


    A bit of extra details…

    Based on this:

    Single-dongle monitoring:

    To use a single device, run the 1R.bat file to start DSD+,
    then run the appropriate batch file for your device:

    DVB-T dongle: FMP24-CC.bat

    Airspy: FMPA-CC.bat

    SDRPLay: FMPP-CC.bat

    I ran 1r.bat and then FMPP-cc.bat. Also tried to add the serial # to the FMPP.cfg. No luck

    Probably a further down the road thing, but I also get this error:
    Initiating FMPx link using link ID 20001…
    FMPx link error = -5
    [Server is not listening on selected link ID]

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