Reply To: I cannot install SDRplay on my LinuxMint 19.03



    I’m also trying to do this, on Mint 19.3 64 bit, all up-to-date. The biggest issue I have, is sorting the wheat from the chaff of all the different “instructions” out there that all conflict with each other. There seems to be no one definitive “this is the correct way” to install and get this running document. Or, if there is, I’ve yet to stumble across it.

    I have GQRX installed for some time, and have used that extensively with various RTLSDR devices, but now I wish to get a “donated” RSP1 to work.

    In the short term, just getting it to record short wideband I/Q recordings covering the lower HF bands would be good. (For VDSL leakage detection.)

    I’ve checked it on a Windows box at work, with SDR console, and it works very well, but I have absolutely drawn a blank on getting it working on Linux. Even the CubicSDR AppImage fails to see it.

    Is there a single proven reference one can work through to get this working? (Is there any overall documentation explaining how all the various pieces of code work together?)

    Also, is there an easy way to find and uninstall/remove what the API/Driver script dumped somewhere undocumented on my system?

    I’ve built other applications from source (WSJTx, Fldigi and others OK) But this software has my head spinning.

    Any help welcome please.

    73. Dave G8KBV

    PS: And just “Why” is SoapySDR actually called that! (Ive got visions of soap bubbles coming out of somewhere!)