Reply To: Mac M1 API install problem


    It sounds like we’re thinking along the same lines. I’m not going to disable SIP to install the API. It’s not worth the risk. I’m new to OS X and M1–long time Windows user. If the API can work from an installer properly then that’s the way to go.

    I followed your instructions on changing the value to ‘false’ and the UI is much improved! Thanks for the tip.

    While I’m not a developer, it must be very “close” to make SDRUno and the RSP1a work together on the M1. If you look on Youtube, HamradioScience has a video that shows running Windows 10 ARM on Parallels. It can play recorded IQ files with SDRUno, but it can’t communicate with the RSP–probably because of the drivers. So it sounds like it’s not a big stretch to resolve this–at least that’s what I hope.