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    I have installed SDRPlay stuff (Soapy, CubicSDR, etc) on several Linux systems over the past year or so in getting linux to play nicely with my RSPa1. All have been ultimately successful after a little effort…

    Most recently, I am using Debian Testing as my preferred Linux addiction.
    The Soapy and frontend programmes are all in the default Debian software repository – just the SDRPlay specific stuff is not.
    This required my most recent software installation for which I used the “Build Scripts 0.2” tools from the web site.
    Provided are 8 build/install scripts; they worked flawlessly and are much easier to use then doing a manual build/install.
    I only needed the “Install API” and “BuildSoapy” scripts for my purposes thus far.

    As a front end, I have settled on gqrx as my preferred choice. It is very simple to use yet works flawlessly; it has all the frequently used options and is controllable from Hamlib with a little patch interface (gqrx<>Hamblib) and/or its own server port. You can redirect its output to a Virtual audio sink for other programs to pick up. CubicSDR is a little more clunky uses more resources – it also has a bug that causes it to slow down after a variable time of use. sdrpp also works fine but is a bit more quirky… YMMV!

    My current setup has a couple of radios (IC-7300 and IC-7100), gqrx, CQRLog, HAMlib (for radio and rotator control), gpredict (satellites), wsjtx, fldigi and xwxtoimg all working in tandem and talking to each other as needed. The only thing not yet automated is occasional antenna switching.