Reply To: RSP1 Linux no way?


    I also then tried connecting SDRuno in a Windows 10 virtual machine to the rsp_tcp server with ExtIO dll version 1.2 on the Linux host and that worked fine but there are missing features such as the scanner. However, it did seem much more stable this way than it was with passing the USB port through to the VM.

    I did have difficulty with configuring the Antenna on the RSP2 as the OPT dialog would not in initially show either Antenna B or the High-Z one. Sometimes after starting and stopping the receiver a couple of times, it would show the other antennas, but when I tried to select Hi-Z I got this rather strange message:

    “Input can only be selected below 0 MHz”

    Not sure what to make of that. The options would then disppear from the drop down again. I would appreciate it if someone from SDRplay could explain what is going on here?

    At least it works in principle so there are possibilities for running RSP SDR radios under Linux but they do require a bit of work to set up.