Reply To: No Luck new RSPdx


    Thanks for the reply Rick, when I gave up last night I started reading around the SDRplay site and in the blog is a post how to install everything with scrips to raspbery Pi. These scrips basically compiled the programs directly with the driver and a couple hours later I had it working. Now I would still love to get it going on my android tablet. I quit facebook so no access there. The big problem is the SDRplay site. When I originally landed on the RasPi software page there’s no description to the links like “this download for adding evrything to already installed RasPi. In this case Google was no help and I rarely ask for help. I could always access my Pi via VNC viwer with my tablet.

    Right now my GF is slepping and I’m listening to some HAMs on 80 with a cheep loop on a PVC pipe sticking out the side of my porch. This thing blows me away! My last SW radio was a $200 Sony potable with about a 500′ long wire antenna back in the 90’s