Reply To: No Luck new RSPdx


    SDRUno usually installs quickly and without pain and operates well on Windows, but watch out on W7 as it isn’t happy unless you have all the latest updates and security packs. Also, W7 machines tend to be rather under-specced for the RSP devices and using wide spans will cause choppy audio and freeze-ups.
    I know nothing about Raspberry pi’s, but reading the various user groups it seems there are many pitfalls, depending on which OS you have.
    Can I suggest you hop over to the Facebook group as there are lots of Pi users there and they seem to know all the wrinkles? To get there, go back to the SDR Play homepage.
    This forum is not ‘official’ so it gets little attention from the team. If you need direct attention put in a support ticket and you’ll get all the help you need, the guys are great.