Reply To: Spectrum Analyzer won’t run on Win10

Dave Howard

    My problem sounds similar, but happened overnight. The SA was working fine one day but wouldn’t start the next. The status bar at the top says “RSP-SAS Spectrum Analyzer not responding” shortly after I click the Start button. No other notices appear. If I close the application and bring up SDRuno (V1.40.2), everything works fine. System details are as follows: SDR- RSP-1A; OS- Windows10 Ver 2004, Cumulative update 2020-12 (KB4592438) installed 12/26/2020; SA software- RSP Spectrum Analyzer V1.1 installed 12/27/2020; failure noted- 1/3/2021; PC- Microsoft Surface Laptop (1st version). Both the PC and the SDR antenna are left unplugged when not in use. No other external devices are connected. I had run the SA on 2-3 different days without noticing a problem before this problem occurred. Since then nothing I have tried has made any difference. I’m looking forward to adding a tracking generator next, but I can’t find my way past this roadblock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Dave W5USS