Reply To: Spectrum Analyzer won’t run on Win10


    Hi Steve,

    The message I get is the same as others reported above: “The SDRplay API DLL was not found – Have you installed it?” I have not separately installed the API, following the installation instructions that say a separate install is not needed if SDRuno is already installed. This is all a fresh installation on a plain vanilla Windows 10 that is completely up-to-date with all Microsoft maintenance. There were no previous installations to remove. The installation process did not create any folders or files in the Documents folder. I’m not running any third-party AV. The PROCMON trace shows pretty clearly that the exe is unable to access its own installation folder. That would seem to me to indicate a permissions problem when the C:\Program Files (x86)\Andrew Developments folder was created. Interestingly, the Properties of that folder indicate that it is RO. I have set it to Full Control for ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES, CREATOR OWNER, Users (DESKTOP-UA36K5P\Users), and the folder nevertheless resists all efforts to remove the RO flag in Properties. SDRuno works wonderfully. Window indicates the SDRplay folder is also flagged RO. I haven’t researched this but I suspect this is a Windows security thing as a common attack vector is to plop a malware DLL in a folder, giving it the name of a legit DLL that infects a system when the legit app calls what it thinks is its own DLL. Marking RO give the OS a chance to control access.

    I greatly appreciate your assistance with this issue.