Reply To: Spectrum analyser tracking generator problem

Steve Andrew

    Hi Mike

    You will need to select ‘Peak’ mode for the trace you are using. If your span is 1MHz or less then you can run a frequency step rate of around 20-25ms. On wider spans, you will need to experiment with the step timing. Currently there is no synchronisation between the analyser and the tracking generator. On the roadmap is a complete overhaul of the tracking generator, including being able to perform a line plot instead of having to use the peak-hold function.

    This may be of interest to you. I was about to get one of the Chinese boards they mention for almost the same price. It would make an excellent tracking generator up to 400MHz, or 600MHz if overclocked. And with the built in modulation modes available and adjustable output levels, would make a very handy budget signal generator as well.

    I’ve attached a screen-shot showing how the peak-hold function works with the track gen.