Reply To: Absolute Frustration



    I bought this product in good faith wanting to use it for fun and education. I think there is some inference in the response to my posting that I have some other motative for posting. The RSP1A is sold as a finished product that should work with reasonable effort. I am not a novice and own other Sdrs. With the RSP1A, I spent hours without success trying to get the drivers install. I could be unlucky or accept I don’t have the skill. What I have reported is just my personal experience. My conclusion is yes it potentially has good features but it is going to be problematic to many to get working.

    Secondly, the plastic box came with a serious crack in it around the SMA.

    I have since bought an Airspy and it worked out of the box on all of the platforms both PC and operating systems where the RSP1A would not.

    I can state I have no bias or connection to any product, and just wanted to make others aware of my experience and my disappointment.