Reply To: Absolute Frustration


    Hi Andy

    I bought the RSp1A because I wanted to support a UK company. I am an engineer who has founded start-ups so wanted to help an inovative company by purchasing from them. Reviews all looked good with an apparent excellent value for money specification.

    Sadly the RSP1A did not meet upto expectations.

    I am experienced with Linux and Windows but was utterly defeated in getting to work reliably. Tried on several Pcs and operating system.

    I did manage to install on a windows 7 pc but the Sdrplay software continuously locked up and froze the pc reporting buffer errors. Final straw was a crack in the case near the SMA that looks likely due to poor quality control during manufacture.

    In my opinion the Rsp1a has good potential but let down by poor quality plastic case and near impossible to install drivers. I have other sdrs that work out of the box on windows7/10 and linux. Installing on Linux with the RSP1A is extremely difficult with complex instructions and need to compile software and after all of that it still did not work.

    So after many hours of trying I gave up and have decided it is too difficulty to get working. I don’t want to fight with something that I just want to use.

    I am going return the RSP1A and buy a competitors brand.