Reply To: Spectrum Analyzer won’t run on Win10

Steve Andrew

    Hi Mike

    The error message window and the first line of the error report says it all:

    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘D:\Documents\RSP Spectrum Analyser\SpecSettings\CurrentSettings.ini’ is denied.

    That would seem to indicate permission settings are denying access somewhere. Have you tried installing and/or running the analyser as administrator ? I’ll have a look at the relevant code but I don’t think what I do tries to violate permission settings, and it works on most systems.

    I’ve attached another zip, this time with both files present. This will at least allow you to start the analyser. Once the analyser is running, try saving settings files to somewhere like a folder on your desktop and see if that causes a problem. Try the same thing again, but this time try and save in the SpecSettings folder in the documents folder.

    W6CAW – Was your previous version 1.04 ? – If so, did you remove all files and folders from your documents folder before running the current version, V1.1 ? – Can only suggest you try everything mentioned in this thread and then let me know what happens.