Reply To: Spectrum Analyzer won’t run on Win10

Steve Andrew

    Hi Mike

    I think it is most probable that you have some form of permission settings problem and the analyser is not being allowed to write to your documents folder. My code does not create the folders as a separate action, they are created by windows when I use functions to save a file. The path(folders chain) is created automatically. The only other thing I can suggest is placing to two attached files in the RSP SPectrum Analyser/SpecSettings folder. If the analyser then starts, that would indicate that the analyser is unable to write to the folder. The problem will (may) come when you then close the analyser down. Code will attempt to write the CurrentSettings.ini file.

    As mentioned, this problem (or similar) has occurred before, but unfortunately the person I was trying to help did not reply to my last email that contained a list of things to check. On that basis, I can only assume something worked and he neglected to let me know, so I don’t know how that turned out. Since then I’ve had a computer crash and those emails are no longer available.

    Let us know how it goes.

    All the best