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    Hello DaveR,

    It looks like I won’t be able to get to my radio to do any testing for a couple of weeks due to unexpected travel but I will get back to the measurements and experimenting. Now I’m wondering if the shield alone has inductance and capacitance? As far as I know all those measurements are usually taken WRT the center conductor.

    I can get an LMR400 BNC cable made at L-COM for less than $50, and one from Bonito for $75 or so if I remember rightly, and their Ultraflex cable is most impressive, but the L-COM seems like a bargain in comparison.

    I had to look up Pex-Al-Pex. haha That stuff looks fantastic! I see a 32mm size as well as the sizes you mentioned. If I was to rig some of that up to my amp what would I do with the center pins on the BNC inputs? Are they unterminated?

    The loop is to be used indoors, or outdoors in good weather rarely, so no worries about weatherproofing or anything really. I suppose size is the only consideration.
    However there’s no reason I couldn’t make a really nice rigid one and just keep it in the closet. Then I could travel with the flexible cable and really do some DXing when I’m able with the rigid one.