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    I am totally new to SDR but not software. I was hoping to use the RSPdx with my RPi4.

    I followed the non-windows workflow webinar. This was on a newly burnt Rasbian OS. (32 bit)

    The API install completed successfully. I have a problem with the Soapy SDR compile. A Python library component appears to be missing:


    There was a message about PYTHON3_DBG_EXECUTABLE being required. Try finding it on the Python repository!

    So device 3030 is found by the API but not Soapy.

    I know the dx box is working as I installed BootCamp & Win 10 on my iMac to run SDRuno. Success!

    The dx looks like a superb little box but I did not buy it to wrestle with Linux (not for the first time).

    What I would like to see is a SDRplay distro that supports the dx on the Pi4. The dx has been out for a few months now. I did try updating the current R Pi with latest API, and rebuilt Soapy – but that did not work either. I might try again but my knowledge of Linux does not extend to knowing how to uninstall and then rebuild Soapy if that needs to be done.

    For the moment it is Windows 10 and SDRuno. At least that works and is amazing.