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    Just some input from a satisfied Wellbrook user. I think the overall performance between the Wellbrook and the W6 loops is closely comparable. I saw a several S-point reduction in local noise when I changed from my wire antenna to the loop, and being able to rotate these loops is a major benefit.
    Re support. It’s strange that Andy Ikin did not get back to you, as I’ve found him very responsive and quite willing to chat. He also surprised me when I ordered a separate LF amplifier from him (for a homebrew LF loop I was constructing), and he told me that it was not suitable for fitting to the old LA1530 which I had purchased about 15 years previously. Now that’s what I call record-keeping!
    BTW, I think Wellbrook is a one-man band and Andy is getting on in years now. Last time I spoke to him (about a year ago) he told me he is reducing the range of products now and may retire soon.
    No doubt the W6 loop is the cheaper option over in the States, as import taxes and duties will not apply.
    Either way, I think we can probably agree that our loops have saved our bacon as regards noise. For now, at least.


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