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    Glad it’s sorted. BTW, I forgot to mention that to get a 10 MHz span, just press the SR button and select 10 MHz from the menu. Then press the DEC button and select 1. To get a 5 Mhz span, use a 10 MHz SR and select a DEC of 2.
    Once you’ve seen how the numbers interact you’ll be able to work it out. The final span is the result of dividing the SR by the Decimation figure.
    The Winradio Excelsior is very nice, but it should be at the price! It came my way after it reached the end of a long trip around several reviewers. I put a derisory bid in and got it for a song. Sadly, the supplied software lacks some features that Uno has as standard. There is no way of slowing down the waterfall displays, so spotting satellite Doppler shifts is difficult, and there’s no ‘asymmetric’ IF filter available, which is very handy if you are trying to hear a weak AM signal right next to a big unwanted one. Being able to ‘roll off’ one side of the response is very useful, but the s/w on the Excelsior doesn’t do it. You can do something similar by using SSSync AM or even SSB, but asymmetric would have been nice.
    I feel your pain about the Uno manual. It’s been constantly updated as new versions of UNO have come out and it’s ended up a bit fragmented and sometimes contradictory.