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    thanks for the suggestion. I already am a member of the but I didn’t notice the hdsdr entries. Glad its not on Facebook. There is also some sdr stuff on redit although its usually a discussion with newbies, lots of interest in satellite and spacelab video decoding, and questions about basic antennas.

    you should try HDSDR. I had been using it for a long time with that cheap dongle and homebrew upconverter so I had experience with it. I have the same experience with sdrplay. somehow I can’t get the same mouse click and drag wheel responses that I am looking for. There is some inconsistency in that function based on how much you zoom into the spectrum.

    I read where you can use HDSDR as a client so you can access your radios thru the web but I haven’t found the version of hdsdr that will do that. All my hdsdr versions have extio ip addresses greyed out, don’t know why. I want to do that next, and then ft8. Trying to catch up with the rest of the world.

    What bands do you hang out? I have noticed that 40M is working very well. Atmospheric noise is way low and I’m hearing/working stations in Europe or Hawaii Austraila at the same time. Usually I hear them on the SDR first.

    73 Happy NY