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    Where is the “HDSDR GURU”? I’d like to ask him some questions. I haven’t found a good forum for HDSDR.

    I am using HDSDR with an rsp1 directly, not hooked to the ham rig as a panadapter. Anyway, I can click anywhere in the spectrum window and it does not center as you describe. HOWEVER, if I click on the extreme right of the spectrum window then that frequency hops to the center. It does not happen on the left hand part of the window. Odd. Learn something everyday. Maybe a config/default setting somewhere?

    Have you tried it with the SDRPLAY software? I still havent’ figured out the details but I get odd behaviors by clicking in different parts of the window depending on how zoomed in I am. It also affects how the numbers change on the digits. I haven’t figured it out so I’m just using HDSDR instead. Its more predicatable except for the “feature” that I just discovered after you mentioned it.

    Just fyi, I’ve found the rsp1 rx to be more than adqueate so rather than tap into the IF I’m just going to put in an antenna relay so that the default rx is the sdr but when I xmit the relay switches to the ham xcvr. I suppose using the IF panadapter would be useful if you are near strong stations that might overload the sdr assuming the bandpass filtering in the xcvr is better.

    73 happy ny