Reply To: Newbie WWV and Broadcast FM


    First I would get some coax cable and connect the center conductor and shield to that sma connector center and outside shield. 75ohm TV coax cable is fine. run the coax cable out of a window and THEN connect that 60′ piece to the center conductor of coax and then your counterpoise to the shield on that end. Ideally the counterpoise would go in exactly the opposite direction but for listening only it doesn’t make as much difference just string it out, same 60′ length would be better in about the opposite direction. Doing it this way gets your antenna outside of your noisy house environment. In the old days some 60 years ago it didn’t make as much difference but these days the inside of your house is just loaded with noise that can mask the signals that you are wanting to hear.

    Some will say to install a balun where the coax attaches to the antenna but depending on your noise environment it may not make much difference.

    ck out these links or just google dipole antenna

    sunspots must be up again, 15M dx is up. 73 have fun, oh on the antenna the higher the better of course.