Reply To: Newbie WWV and Broadcast FM


    What software are you using? I tinkered with SDRPLAY 1.3 and under w10 64 bit I found its functions to be unpredictable and did not seem to come up in a optimal default mode. I tinkered with it at length and got it kinda working. There’s lots of windows boxes that pop up that do lots of things some of which are not consistent. Maybe the problem is my windows ver.

    I had been using HDSDR a lot on a cheap dongle and downconverter so I was more familiar with that so I downloaded the RSP version. I launched it and it came up working great just as I expected. Try HDSDR and see what happens. It comes up running in an operational default mode. If you have a decent antenna you will be quite pleased at what you can hear so easily.

    Is your antenna simply a wire with no ground or is it a dipole with a coax cable?