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    Tnx so much for the info and suggestions. I want to be able to receive (see the spectrum on 10m) while transmitting, so the “switch” is not gud for my purposes.

    I did find the RX Protector Box on DXE and that would work, for nearly the same price as the 1a (LOL).

    The OB16-3 which I will use on 10m does have all 3 driven elements tied together, so it will be especially good at picking up my xmited signal on other bands. Thanks for reminding me that the 1a receives everything, not just the band I’m tuned to. Maybe a BP filter for 10m for the input to the 1a would work…or help.

    I do not run an amp. In fact, I have been a QRP operator for the CQWWDX contest for many years, so the most I squirt out from the rig is 5 watts. And then I have loss in the feedline (nearly 200 feet), etc. I’ll put my 2nd K3 on the OB16-3 and see how strong I am when transmitting with my 1st K3 on DB36. Probably pretty strong, even at just 5 watts. <grin>

    Thanks for the input and ideas!

    de Doug KR2Q