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    i have MLA30+ and a Boni-Whip.

    These antennas are very small, espcially the Boni. They are totally different. the boni is very good at ultra long wave and can go up to 300MHz.
    the MLA has much less noise at SW-broadcast bands.

    in my roof there is a 12m wire doing a very good job even without any adjustment (balun etc.) and i planned to set up a beverage antenna at vacation with at least 300m length. unfortunately the noise there (nothern canada) was so bad, that it makes no sense. at this moment im sitting in the living room with just 3,5m wire pinned to the ceiling with very good reception in the 49m and 31m band.

    so, a wire can not be too long, but it should fit the wavelength you want to recive. use HF-wire and proper insulation at the outer point, as well as a good grounding of the reciver. in the living room the RSPduo is grounded through the radiators. tried it, works perfekt. otherwise the radiator is a perfect antenna (!) for my old shortwave-radio. odd….but very well working…